What's new?

24 October 2003

The third edition of both the Englisch and the Spanish version of the PACA News is online.

15 July 2003

The second edition of the PACA News is online. We have also launched a Spanish version, addressing the growing PACA community in Latin America. Actually, the overlap between the newsletters is quite limited.

15 May 2003

The www.paca-online.de domain is finally operational, and the PACA website is available at this address.

20 March 2003

PACA is a methodology to kick-off local economic development initiatives which has been developed by Jörg Meyer-Stamer. As there is a growing demand for PACA, he has created a partnership called Mesopartner together with Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke an Christian Schoen. For the time being, Mesopartner is the provider of PACA training.

As more people are being trained in PACA, this website will become the nodal point in an emerging PACA Community of Practice. At this time, there is only a public website. However, in the course of 2003, we will set up protected areas in this website which will only be accessible to subscribers. They will provide more detailed information about PACA, in particular the various manuals, checklists and presentations which are now available.