The sequence of a PACA Exercise

A PACA starts with lots of organisation and the creation of a PACA Team. Then the PACA Team usually meets to formulate hypotheses -- which is basically the explication of the implicit expectations and prejudices of the members of the team.

The first really big event is the Kick-off Workshop, where various local stakeholders are invited to give some topical input and to receive information about the PACA Exercise.

After the Kick-off Workshop, the members of the PACA Team start with the fieldwork. One element are interviews with business-people, government officials and other stakeholders.
But the most exciting and efficient part of the fieldwork are Mini-workshops, where a relatively homogeneous group gathers for a quick exercise. For the PACA Team, the purpose of a Mini-workshop is to collect information about important sectors of the local economy. For the participants, this creates an opportunity to communicate with other people from the same sector, something that often not happens spontaneously and is much appreciated -- in particular

if there is otherwise little opportunity for business meetings and exchange with colleagues.

After the fieldwork, which rarely takes longer than a week, the PACA Team sits down to discuss findings. Using a simple visualisation technique, the main observations on each sector of the local economy are collected and prioritised. Next, the team discusses practical proposals to stimulate the local economy, prioritising those which fit with three criteria: feasible with local resources, apt for quick implementation and with a potential for quick, visible results. This relates to the basic philosophy of PACA: it is not about strategic planning and ambitious grand projects which address the most important bottlenecks and problems, but rather about kick- starting LED in a way which renders quick results and thus motivates local stakeholders to do more of it.
Both the diagnosis and the proposals are then presented to local stakeholders, in particular all those who participated in mini-workshops and interviews, thus receiving a very quick feedback.
After the Presentation Event, there are a number of Way-forward Workshops, where the PACA Team discusses with local stakeholders how to implement prioritz proposals. And after that, it is up to local stakeholders to take charge of implementation. In particular the local members of the PACA Team will play a key role in organising and facilitating this.